• Eesti Postimuuseum “Ilmar Nõva (Breiberg)- from schoolboy to stamps designer” (2 frames)

Postal history

  • Eero Lõhmuste “The Post of Pärnu district 1879-1945” (6 frames) /70p, large silver/
  • Mati Kolk “Order numerals, dates, issue- and sheetsnumerals on Estonian stamps 1918- 1940” (1 frames) /70p, large silver/
  • Jaan Roots “Markings and cancellations of the Estonian railway TPO-s 1919-1941” (6 frames) /90p, gold/
  • Mati Senkel “Fieldpost of Estonian Army during War of Indenpendence 1918-1920” (5 frames) /81p, large vermeil/
  • Jorma Lindeblad “Postal rates in Russia during June 19, 1875 – July 5, 1923” (6 frames) /84p, large vermeil/
  • Ants Linnard  “The history of Post of Reval from 17th to 20th Century” (7 frames) /91p, gold/
  • Timo Verho  “Postal marking and cancellations used in Tallinn 1711-1944” (12 frames) /86p, gold/


  • Marcus Olli “Tampere local post 1866-1881” (2 frames) /80p, large vermeil/
  • Kaido Andres “Estonian stamps, errors, proofs and varieties 1991-2014” (5 frames) /82p, large vermeil/
  • Arthur Gübeli “Estlands Rollenmarken 1991-1995” (4 frames) /79p, vermeil/


  • Yury Belyuga “From the history of Olympic football” (5 frames) /83p, large vermeil/
  • Aadu Pekk “I am the first” (2 frames) /50p, bronze/

Youth class

  • Manolis Gustavsson “Maps” (3 frames) /76p, large silver/

Free class

  • Per Gustavsson “The Swedes of Estonia” (1 frame) /66p, silver/
  • Hans Tedder “Christmas in Estonia 1988-2014” (3 frames) /55p, bronze/
  • Arthur Gübeli “Estlands Weihnachtsmarken und -Vignetten” (5 frames) /71p, large silver/
  • Arthur Gübeli “Estlands historische Bauten: Leucttürme, Burgen, Gutshöfe” (5 frames) /73p, large silver/

Revenue stamps

  • Tuomo Koskiaho “Revenue stamps used in Estonia in 1889-1944” (5 frames) /86p, gold/


  • Andrus Martin “Kärdla on old postcards.First half of XX Century” (3 frames) /80p, large vermeil/
  • Matti Heikinen “Old Harju County” (2 frames) /72p, large silver/
  • Janne Nikkanen “Postcards per Tallinn from tsarism era 1895- 1918” (8 frames) /82p, large vermeil/
  • Per Gustavsson “Steamboot to Tallinn” (1 frames) /65p, silver/
  • Mati Senkel “Port of Tallinn on postcards from end of XX Century up to II World War” (8 frames) /89p, gold/

Literature class

  • Andro Valm, Peeter Pärn, Aivar Kuuskvere, Kaido Andres, Hubert Jakobs “Catalogue of Estonian stamps errors and varieties 1991-2014” /81p, large vermeil/

Outside competition

  • Pertti Hujala “Forgeries or authentics, fraud or monkey business, or „ philately“ offered to Finns in Estonia” (5 frames)