Tallinna Filatelistide Selts 110


1. Philatelic Exhibition 2015 is organized by Tallinn Philatelic Society in cooperation with AS Eesti Post (Omniva) and International Philatelic Society ESTONIA.

2. It is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Tallinn Philatelic Society.

3. Philatelic exhibition takes place in Audentes School in Tallinn,Tondi street 84, from 10 to 12 July 2015.
Mounting of frames begins on July 9th,2015 from 12 to 17 hours.
The exhibition is opened on Friday,July 10th,at 12 and closes at 17.
On Saturday July 11,the opening hours are from 10 to 17.
On Sunday July 12, from 10 to 14.
Philatelic fair takes place on Saturday July 11 starting at 10 .
The Exhibition is closed on Sunday July 12 and dismounting of frames begins at 14.
The annual meeting of the friends of the Postal Museum takes place on Saturday
July 11, at 16.

4. It is a national exhibition and the participation is open to all exhibitors.
Frame fee is EUR 5, 4×4 sheets.Payment for the fees is on the spot.

5. The Exhibition is in accordance with FIP regulations,the regulations of Tallinn Philatelic Society and the present special regulation.

6. The applications for participation in the exhibition must include the introductory sheet,preferably in English.They should be handed over to the organizing committee either personally,by email (digitally signed) or by mail at the latest 30.05.2015. Later arrivals will be returned.

Entry form rtf and entry form pdf

7. Single or two frame exhibits are particularly welcome and the organizing committee likes to promote this exhibition class.
The jury has the right to evaluate these exhibits and to award medals,as well.
It is also allowed to exhibit postcards,cancellations and postmarks.
The exhibits that have some relation with Tallinn are very much waited for.

The address of the organizing committee: Tallinna Filatelistide Selts-Philatelic Society of Tallinn, PK 84, 10502 Tallinn, Estonia

The chairman of Philatelic Society of Tallinn Ago Papp
secretary Majana Abramson majana.abramson@gmail.com  mob. 58550580